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Standing directly in front of them when talking can greatly improve their understanding.

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We are pleased to share hearing loss articles, tips and tricks, and other educational resources.

Five Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Hearing Loss

Discover some important tips on the subject of explaining hearing loss to others. For example, the difference between hearing aids and glasses, how exhausting hearing loss really is, and more.

Then I Said, "I'm A Little Bit Deaf"

Read a story covering the nuances of the ways that living with hearing loss can be described, interpreted, and communicated. Is the ideal method to showcase hearing aids, refer to yourself as hearing impaired, or to go so far as to use the word deaf when explaining hearing loss to others? Find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can I tell if I have hearing loss?

A. There are many common signs of hearing loss such as trouble understanding conversations, needing to turn the volume up higher than before, and difficulty hearing in crowds. The only way to truly know if you have hearing loss is through a hearing screening. We offer hearing screening that can provide you with an accurate assessment of your hearing health and help you determine the best course of action.

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Hearing Myths

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MYTH #1: Hearing aids will just further damage my ears.
FACT: A hearing device that is properly fit to your needs will not do any damage to your hearing.  Wearing a hearing device can even slow the rate of hearing loss.
MYTH #2: People just need to stop mumbling.
FACT: A common sign for hearing loss is trouble understanding conversations. Voices may sound distant or mumbled. Hearing devices can help you differentiate multiple sounds and therefore give you increased audio clarity.
MYTH #3: All hearing devices are the same.
FACT: Hearing devices have become so personalized that there is almost an endless amount of options. There are a variety of styles such as behind the ear or in the canal that allow you to find the device that is the most comfortable. Devices also come with a range of features like being water resistant, having a rechargeable battery, and being smartphone compatible. During your hearing evaluation, we can help you review all your choices and answer any question so you can pick out the device right for you.
MYTH #4: Hearing aids will make me stand out.
FACT: Not understanding conversations or accidentally ignoring people can stand out a whole lot more than wearing a hearing device.  In fact, most people will not even notice you are wearing one. Hearing devices have become so small and discreet that they’re practically invisible.

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