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The topic of hearing can be complicated, and at times, confusing. We strive to help educate the greater Quincy area about the nuances of hearing loss, hearing aid technology, communication, and much more. Click a blog post below to discover the truths about hearing, learn some tips, and beyond!

Father and son reading tablet
Man explaining his hearing loss

"Five Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Hearing Loss"

Discover some important tips on the subject of explaining hearing loss to others. For example, the difference between hearing aids and glasses, how exhausting hearing loss really is, and more.


"Then I Said, 'I'm a Little Bit Deaf'"

Read a story covering the nuances of the ways that living with hearing loss can be described, interpreted, and communicated. Is the ideal method to showcase hearing aids, refer to yourself as hearing impaired, or to go so far as to use the word deaf when explaining hearing loss to others? Find out.


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